Sweet rice pudding with Tschögglberger cereals

and pickled goji berries and apple pearls

30 Min
18 Min
80 g round grain rice
80 g Tschögglberger cereals (rye,
oats, barley, buckwheat), cooked
600 ml milk
50 ml white wine
1 Msp. lemon yellow, grated
1/2 bourbon vanilla pod
40 g sugar
60 g goji berries
1 Golden Delicious, cut out as pearls
Heat a pot with 100ml water, add the apple pearls and the white wine and steam at 85°C (just below the boiling point) for 8-12 minutes covered. Heat the milk in a pot with lemon peel and vanilla pod. Add the rice and bring to the boil, stirring occasionally. At the end of the cooking time (approx. 18 min.) add the sugar and the grain. Arrange the sweet risotto on the plates and serve with the apple pearls and goji berries.

Our tip:
Add the sugar as indicated in the recipe, at the end of the cooking time. Instead of goji berries you can also use frozen berries, which thaw on the hot rice pudding within 2 minutes. Enjoy your meal!
Recipe by: CornArt
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