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The sunny mountain plateau of Avelengo, Merano 2000 and Verano above the spa town of Merano

Rising proud and visible above the Merano spa town is the imposing Ifinger mountain, and at its feet the sunny Tschögglberg mountain plateau and the villages of Avelengo/Hafling, Verano/Vöran and the Merano 2000 ski and hiking area. Larch forests, birch trees and meadows define the landscape of the plateau above the spa town. The region is easily reached by car or public transport via a scenic road.

On this page, you will find an overview of available accommodation in the locality of Avelengo, Merano 2000 and Verano above Merano, ranging from B & B’s and farm holidays to luxury 5-star hotels or self-catering apartments. Everyone will be able to find its preferred means of accommodation in Avelengo, Merano 2000 and Verano.