CornArt - Cuisine and food culture at Avelengo, Verano and Merano 2000

5/20 - 6/5/2022

Hafling – Vöran – Meran 2000, the sun terrace high above Meran, will, from 20/05 until 05/06/2022, become the stage for original corn tasting sessions, culinary hikes and unique insights into traditional farming and the art of baking.

At the heart of CornArt are the four cereal varieties, rye, oats, barley and buckwheat, for which the sunny slopes of our homeland provide ideal growing conditions.

These restaurants and mountain huts create special CornArt dishes:

• Restaurant Alber - Verano

• Restaurant Avelina - Avelengo

• Fine Dining Restaurant Miramonti - Avelengo

• Restaurant Oberwirt - Verano

• Restaurant Sulfner - Avelengo

• Restaurant Waldbichl - Verano

• Zuegg Hütte /mountain hut - Merano 2000
5/20 - 6/5/2022
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