Skikjoring with Haflinger horses in Hafling

2/25/2020 21:00 - 23:00

The strongest blond horses of the high plateau participate at the nightly Skijoring on 6th March 2019. A unique spectacle for participants and the audience.
You need a rider, a Haflinger horse and a skiers who is pulled by the horse, and the trio is perfect. 16 horses race in groups of two against each other, the best one comes into the next round.

Each horse races for one of our partner hotels in Hafling and Vöran.

The event starts at 9.00 pm. The snowy track at the parking area of Falzeben /Hafling is illuminated.
A shuttle service is available.

Supporting programme:
> Hot drinks and local snacks
> Music

Horse association Hafling • Ski Area Meran 2000 • Meran 2000 Ski School • Voluntari fire brigade Hafling
2/25/2020 21:00 - 23:00