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Beimsteinkogel in Verano/Vöran

The Beimsteinkogel is one of three tuff knolls. These three tuff knolls are of volcanic origin and are unparalleled in South Tyrol.

The Beimsteinkogel affords views of the village of Verano/Vöran.

Route description
From the centre of the village Verano, follow trail No. 16 past Oberwirt Restaurant. Below the Grüner Baum Inn, the trail no. 12 leads to Beimsteinkogel Knoll. After walking back down to the first intersection, the path turns left to trail No. 14, which leads back to the village of Verano.

Description to arrive at destination
On the MEBO (Highway Bolzano–Merano) you reach the slip road signposted MERANO SUD, follow the road to Merano, then on the right hand side in direction to Avelengo/Hafling, follow the street to Verano/Vöran. Parking place at the centre, near the parish church.