Forest Bathing in Hafling, Vöran & Meran 2000 in South Tyrol
Rebalancing body and mind in the woods
Forest bathing at Avelengo, Verano and Merano2000

Forest Bathing in Hafling, Vöran & Meran 2000 in South Tyrol

Rebalancing body and mind in the woods

As our ancestors were well aware, hiking in the woods is beneficial to body and soul. Recent studies conducted in Japan provide scientific proof of this. The forest air contains a variety of organic compounds known as terpenes. Inhaling these bioactive substances helps to strengthen the immune system, lowering blood pressure and reducing blood sugar levels. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. A Japanese therapy, Shinrin Yoku, (literally, "forest bath"), follows a similar principle. Simply inhaling the essences of the forest, enhances a feeling of well-being and reduces stress.

Surrounded by forests, both Hafling/Avelengo and Vöran/Verano on the Tschögglberg mountain plateau offer a perfect opportunity for practicing Shinrin Yoku. Given the hundreds of hectares of pine trees and deciduous forests, absorbing these benign essences comes naturally. Whether alone or as part of a group, the beneficial effects of being in the forest helps to sharpen the senses.

Tip: During the event “Forest walk – recreation in nature” sports scientist and movement trainer Evi Kerschbaumer every two weeks leads through the forests of Hafling, Vöran & Meran 2000, strengthening the torso muscles, back and core and, incidentally, the immune system. In the fresh forest air and against the backdrop of the calming green tones, a special relief for body and mind ... The event is held in German and Italian.

Also some hotels on the Hafling, Vöran & Meran 2000 plateau, such as the Hotel Miramonti and the Hotel Mirabell, regularly organize forest therapy outings.
Active and mindful at Hafling and Vöran
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