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Christmas shopping in Lana
Quaint, personal, competent
Christmas shopping in Lana

Christmas shopping in Lana

Quaint, personal, competent

Is Christmas just around the corner? Would you still like to get one or two special presents for your loved ones, but are terrified by all the usual hustle and bustle and pre-Christmas stress?

In Lana, things are different. Here, shopping becomes an experience of a very special kind, one seldom found these days. In Lana, our merchants are particularly proud of the fact that we can offer our customers such a diverse range of products at the highest quality level.

True customer service, fair prices and friendly advice are our top priorities, true to the motto: only a completely satisfied customer comes back!

In Lana you will also find peace and quiet to stroll and look around in a comfortable atmosphere in order to enjoy the seasonal shopping. And for a little break in between, there are several cozy cafés that are not filled to capacity.

Especially in these times of growing online trade, we in Lana consciously focus on proximity to our customers. In contrast to large cities, where one branch of expansive sales chains follows the next, we prefer to offer a very personal experience, tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers. 

The wide range of shops in a centrally located village as accessible as Lana should be close to everyone's heart, as it also fulfils an important economic aspect. We promote regional cycles and offer family-friendly jobs. 

Even more important than the economic side is the social and cultural role that the local retail trade plays in our village. This is precisely what makes it possible for all those people who cannot or do not want to travel long distances to shop right in town: personally, competently and customer-friendly.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a relaxed and happy Christmas season in advance!

On behalf of the merchants of Lana,
Susanna Valtiner and Sandra Plunger
Map of the Christmas market
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In german and italian language
Merchants of Lana

Pharmacy Mariahilf
Pharmacy Peer 
Bakery Schmidt
Biokistl Südtirol
Flowers Frei Karin
Flowers Blumenboutique
Library Buchladen Lana
Boutique Mavé
By Renate
Catering Tribus
Chaplin shoes & fashion
Metzgerei Holzner
Drogeriemarkt Marka
Electro Malleier
Florale Werkstatt
Photography Gasser
Photography Kofler
Gemma Store
Goldschmied Kerschbaumer
Gourmet Ladele
Gutes aus Italien
Hoppa Poppa
Knoll Schuhe 
Kuntner Fashion by Mode Rosy
Laimer Woodstore
Lingerie Laner
Martin Reisen 
New Secur Service Point
Optik Vision Lana 
Primigi Store
S.S. 38 Bike
Schlaf G’sund
Schuhhaus Spitaler
Sport Impuls
Sport Mode Gasser 
Wind 3

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