Wild herb days in Lana and surroundings
Local and healthy
Wild herb days in Lana and surroundings
Wild herb days in Lana and surroundings
Wild herb days in Lana and surroundings
Wild herb days in Lana and surroundings
In May Lana will once again be the venue for the Wild Herb Days. The chefs in participating restaurants in Lana and environs create delicious dishes with wild herbs and vegetables.

During the "Wild Herbs. Local and Healthy" Gourmet week, the early spring season in Lana and its surroundings will shift its focus from the usual apple orchards to local wild natural resources. The gourmet Festival opens with a culinary evening, while seven prestigious Restaurants in Lana and environs will feature valuable wild herbs as the main attraction in a selection of unique and original dishes.

Visitors can also experience moments of indulgence, wild herb walking tours, wild herb Workshops and gain further Information on the theme at a variety of Events where wild herbs will be in the spotlight.
The dishes range from simple, tasty home-style cooking to new interpretations of traditional plates and innovative modern creations.

Wild herbs and vegetables, that were almost forgotten, survived in the traditional kitchen of the Burgraviato area and are now experiencing a comeback. The produce used for the dishes is exclusively supplied by local farmers.

The chefs and experts of the Wild Herb Days also provide interested guests with valuable information and background knowledge, since one of the main objectives of this three-week-long gourmet festival is to make these delicious and valuable foods, which are part of our cultural heritage, known to a wider audience.
Participating companies
  • Restaurant Kirchsteiger, Völlan/Lana
  • Restaurant vigilius mountain resort, Vigiljoch/Lana
  • Restaurant Hidalgo, Burgstall
  • Gasthaus 1477 Reichhalter, Lana
  • Osteria OW Lana da Renato, Lana
  • Gasthof Pawigler Wirt, Pawigl/Lana
  • Gasthof Jäger, Sirmian/Nals
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