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Shopping in Lana and Environs

Shopping in Lana and Environs

Lana perfectly mixes rural and urban environments. The relaxed shopping atmosphere in the pedestrian zone combines with Piazza Tribus/Tribusplatz square and Via Bolzano/Boznerstraße street, which buzzes with commercial activity. Local handicrafts can also be purchased at various shops in the town center as well as at local markets. These include goods made of apple wood, walnut, stone, glass, wax and the felt for which Lana is famous.

Being one of the best developed and vibrant municipalities in the area, Lana offers locals and visitors alike an urban centre in rural environments. With its more than 150 shopping hotspots this widespread municipality does not have one big shopping centre but many smaller ones.

Open air Shopping
South Tyrol neither has huge shopping malls nor large farms. That is no coincidence! Organic growth and small quality-oriented companies are appreciated and "pleasure shopping" is very popular among people. For a good shopping experience in South Tyrol you will need time to stroll along the village centres and enjoy the atmosphere.

Shopping in Lana
If you want to go shopping in Lana you can choose between different shopping areas. With half a dozen shoe shops and sports outfitters the pedestrian area Am Gies is the centre for Italian shoe fashion and sports equipment. The Gries offers Italian fashion, jewellers, drugstores, electrical retailers, artisan shops, hardware and designer stores, a health food store as well as numerous cafés and snack bars. You will find further shopping in the Hofmannareal around the library, at the Tribusplatz in Mitterlana and in the business area.

Local products and slow Shopping
Apart from shopping areas and specialty stores Lana offers Friday's markets throughout the year and farmer's markets from May until October. During the height of summer there are so called "Long Thursdays" when shops and food booths are open until late and provide a cheerful atmosphere.

Among luxury items and quality goods from Italy local South Tyrolean products find their place, above all the best quality groceries: Farm and organic products for consumers that appreciate fair trade and regional quality goods.