Winery Meran

1 July 2010 saw the merger of the two most venerable wine co-operatives in the Burggrafenamt region, the Burggräfler Winery (founded in 1901) and the Meran Winery (founded in 1952) to create the Meran Winery, with 380 members and 260 hectares of vineyards. This joined together South Tyrol’s western growing area, from Lana in the south, via Merano, up to Rifiano in the north and Lagundo and Castelbello in the west.
The many small and micro producers farm some of the best hillsides in Merano and the surrounding villages of Lagundo, Tirol, Caines, Rifiano, Scena, Marlengo, Cermes and Lana. In the western part of South Tyrol the growing area extends into the Vinschgau, a region of extreme climatic conditions that is also South Tyrol’s smallest contiguous DOC area.
It was decided to use the merger as an opportunity to restructure the entire brand and range policies and to market the winery’s top range with a new image under the new MERAN brand.

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