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Merano Foodie Factory

Contact point between the traditions of the Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine

Merano Foodie Factory is designed as a platform to showcase and at the same time initiate contact between the traditions of the Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine. Ingredients from both cultures are brought together at cooking classes, in special dishes at local restaurants and at culinary events throughout the year.

In short, Merano Foodie Factory is an initiative in which regional and seasonal products are used, where new dishes are created and old recipes spiced up.
Central to all initiatives is the creation of special dishes, which reflect the specific Alpine-Mediterranean character of Merano and Environs. Participating chefs receive a fixed list of ingredients to use, from which they must choose at least two Mediterranean and two Alpine ingredients.

The Merano Foodie Factory at a glance:


The Gourmet Factories allow for year-round enjoyment of Alpine-Mediterranean dishes at different locations – from mountain huts to high-end restaurants.


Participating Factories are open to anyone who enjoys being active in the kitchen. Everything revolves around the idea of together in a relaxed atmosphere....


All Merano Foodie Factory recipes to try at home.