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Real Quality in the Mountains in South Tyrol

The quality tag at the mountain huts and restaurants in Merano and Environs in South Tyrol

The inimitable quality of the products of South Tyrol, the unique natural and cultural landscape, and not least, the sheer dedication of the local farmers and hoteliers to their activities: all these factors contribute to the success of tourism in South Tyrol.

The Real Quality in the Mountains project means recognition of the dedication and commitment by hoteliers and owners of the mountain huts and shelters who manage to attain authentic high quality services. Establishments voluntarily undergoing a self-assessment program are awarded the Real Quality in the Mountains license tag by Merano Marketing. The point system also doubles as a self-assessment test for managers and hoteliers.

The project encourages managers and owners of the mountain huts and shelters to further improve their quality to meet stringent requirements for high-end tourism in the Merano area, thus promoting premium quality and wellness in the mountains.

The Real Quality in the Mountain App
The free app lists all the establishments that have received the award, as well as hiking trails and South Tyrolean recipes to try at home.


Where can one find authentic quality in South Tyrol? You have no further to look than the mountain huts bearing the "Pure Quality in the Mountains"...


Fresh and seasonal ingredients form the basis of many South Tyrolean recipes. The classics include Knödel and Strudel, as well as risotti and antipasti.