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Pumpkin-potatoe gnocchi

Pumpkin-potatoe gnocchi

A recipe by Hotel Restaurant Rosmarie

Recipe for 4 people
Preparation time 90 min

400 g Pumpkin, cooked and puréed, 1 kg Potatoes, mealy, cooked and puréed, 50 g Nut butter, 4 egg yolk, 400 g Flour, some salt, pepper, nutmeg

2 pieces zucchini, some garlic, ½ piece onion, 200 g cured ham, 200 g Fresh goat’s cheese, some parsley
Boile some salty water in a big pot. Knead all the gnocchi ingredients to a dough (if the pumkin purée is too wet, add some flour). Form thin rolls out of the dough and cut the gnocchi. Cook them in the water.

Wash the zucchini end cut them into small cubes. Steam the zucchini with the garlic and the onion in some oil.

Add the cooked gnocchi and season with parsley. Prepare it in a warm plate and serve it with a thin slice of cured ham and the fresh goat’s cheese.
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