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Beef fillet with mashed parsnip red Tropea onions & Taggiasche olives

A recipe by Restaurant & Tapas Bar THE GALLERY

Recipe for 4 people
Preparation time: 90 min.

Beef fillet 800 g
Parsnip 300 g
Cream 250 ml
Water 500 ml
Red onions Tropea 2 pc
Red wine 100 ml
Honey 30 g
Stevia sugar 20 g
Taggiasche olives 20 pc
Sage, salt, pepper
• Cut the beef into four pieces. Sear on a grill and let cool. Put the fillets in a vacuum bag and leave to rest in a 50°C water bath for about 1 hour.
• Clean parsnips and cut into cubes. Boil with 400 ml of water, the cream and salt until the cubes are soft. Strain them and catch the cooking broth. Give the parsnips all in a blender, while adding the cooking broth to form a smoothie puree. Season with salt.
• Clean the onions und cut them finely. Boil them with wine, honey, sugar, sage and 100 ml of water. Season with salt and pepper. Warm the fillets with the red wine sauce.
• Arrange the fillet and the parsnip puree on a plate and surround with red onions and olives.
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