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Gilt-head seabream gratinated with pistachio on cabbage and caramelized apples

A recipe by restaurant Villa Heidelberg

Recipe for 4 people
Preparation time 60 min
Gilt-head seabream 2 pieces 200-250 g
Pistachio 2-3 TS
Mie de pain 150 g
Appls 3-4 pieces
Cabbage 200 g
Sugar 100 g
White wine 50-70 ml
- Filet, marinate and fry the gilthead seabream in a pan.
- Mix up pistachio and mie de pain and put it on the gilthead seabream.
- Cut up the cabbage in fine julienne.
- Peel and pit the apples and split them.
- Put the gilthead seabream in the oven by 180 C° for 5-7 min. and let it gratinate.
- Caramelize the apples in the sugar and wine.
- Marinate the cabbage with malt, salt, pepper and olive oil and serve it together with the caramelized apples and gratinated seabream.
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