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Walking in South Tyrol

Promenades and walking trails during winter in Merano and Environs

The spa town of Merano is famous for its beautiful promenades and sun-drenched panoramic walking routes.

The spa town of Merano/Meran is famous for its beautiful promenades and sun-drenched panoramic walking routes. The Sommerpromenade path leads from the town center and along the Passer river to the famous Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Bordered by Mediterranean plants, the Tappeinerweg trail offers magnificent views of the town.
At various key vantage points around the region, telescopes (Hingucker in German) have been installed, focused on various culturally and historically significant buildings with views of the snow-capped Alps in the background. The Meraner Waalrunde Circuit Trail and other walking paths are also perfect for winter walks in South Tyrol.

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From the Timmelsbrücke bridge, follow marked trail no. 29 via the mountain huts Tomelekaser and Obergostalm towards the Schneeberger See lake. From here,...


Toward the sun: easy route with start at the railway station of Marlengo.


The route takes hikers mainly along wide paths through forests but also makes a stop at the idyllic Bruggen Weiher Pond, which has very unique fauna.


Start: Bergstation Seilbahn Vigiljoch, 1.486 m Gehzeit: ca. 1 Stunde 15 Minuten Länge: 3.


The Mountain Hut Hike is a special highlight of the Merano 2000 hiking area: the loop hike leads by picturesque mountain huts.


This easy, family-friendly hike passes through the orchards of Tirolo and is a real highlight during the apple blossom season!


Vom großen Parkplatz direkt an der Gampenpass-Straße in Naraun geht es dem Besinnungsweg Zum Lichtreichen Rosenkranz folgend 20 Minuten leicht aufwärts zu...


Very sunny and well sheltered from the wind, the Winter Promenade runs along the river; it is the natural continuation of the Passer Promenade. Its most...


The Waalwege hillside trails leading along the 13th-century irrigation canals are today easy hiking trails that can be walked year-round and which are...


The pond is at its loveliest in summer. White water lilies cover the pond while yellow irises, floating water plantains, marsh horsetails, bulrushes,...


Tschars (625 mt.) - Tscharser Waalweg - Sonnenhof (830 mt.) - Juval Castle (900 mt.


Pleasant, approximately two hour-long hike with wonderful views of the spa town of Merano.

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