Andrea Fenoglio

Chef and owner des Restaurants Sissi | G.-Galilei-Straße 44 Via G. Galilei 🖈 *

Mr. Fenoglio, you are an icon of fine dining in Meran/Merano. What does it mean to you to work in this town?

I have lived in Meran since I was eight months old. Therefore, I know the town inside out. Meran has always been a popular, internationally known tourist destination offering the highest standards of hospitality. Which is a constant incentive for me to improve and to satisfy patrons who perhaps the night before dined at an acclaimed colleague’s restaurant in Paris or New York.
Meran and the Sissi attract people from all over the world. They love this town, because nobody gives them special treatment there. They enjoy this kind of down-to-earth normality.

What is your trademark dish? And what wine pairing do you suggest for it?

I would be hard-pressed to choose one single dish. My cuisine is based on premium ingredients that are used in a respectful way. The goal is to create a special yet understandable cuisine.
A souvenir of Meran that every visitor should bring back from his stay?

Well, I assume that every visitor takes home the impressions of Meran’s beauty and atmosphere.
There are also delicious local specialties that are must-have souvenirs–above all, apricot jam from the Vinschgau Valley.

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