Ivo De Pellegrin

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Mindfulness and Time - That all will be good.

That is, it seems, the guiding principle of the young Ivo De Pellegrin.
He was born and raised in Merano and studied "scienze gastronomiche" in Pollenzo (Piedmont), the birthplace of the Slow Food movement. He gained his experience in the production of food, as President of Slow Food South Tyrol and last but not least in gastronomy - as example at the Ottmanngut in Merano.
Today he stands in front of me with a happy smile in his recently opened bread boutique, whose interior, true to his personality, is simple, well thought-out and appealing. He seems to have reached his goal and explains to me that his bread needs three days from the sourdough to the finished product to develop its full taste. For this reason too, sales are only open three days a week.
The raw materials are organic: spelled, rye, emmer and all the other grains he proudly shows me. Everything that he cannot get from South Tyrol comes from Europe. Time and precision and the process itself, how something wonderful like bread can be made from flour, water and salt, are the elements that fascinate him.

I think Ivo has fulfilled a dream and opened up a culinary enrichment for Merano.
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