Board of directors of the Women’s Museum Meran | Meinhardstraße 2 Via Mainardo 🖈

Mrs. Prader, please name an influential person you have met

The Swiss gynecologist and women’s rights activist Monika Hauser, who has greatly aided women with her organization medica mondiale and has worked tirelessly to sensitize the public to the issue of violence against women and to bring about a change in social mindset through specific measures.

A striking experience you made during your professional activity for the Women’s Museum?

The partnership struck with the Women’s Museum of Senegal in 2000 and the ensuing idea to form an international network of women’s museums. This seemingly utopian goal was achieved with great dedication and small financial means, creating an active community that strengthens each member museum. It also entailed interesting projects and invitations we would not have received otherwise, e.g. to the European Parliament in 2017 on the International Women’s Day.
What inspires you in your private life?

South Tyrol’s varied cultural offer, which I enjoy very much. The mountains and nature where I find new energy and serenity. The contact and interaction with friends, and the developing of new ideas.

What is your favorite part of Meran/Merano?

Each of Meran’s districts has its charm and is an integral part of the town. Therefore, I would not want to limit myself to one particular location. A good example, for instance, is the centrally located and leafy Gilf Promenade that is emblematic of Meran’s flair.
I would also like to mention the sun-drenched Sinich/Sinigo district whose slopes remind me of Tuscany’s hilly countryside. Hopefully, its main square will be enhanced soon.
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