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The Kurhaus
The Kurhaus

This palace is an icon of the city and one of the most extraordinary multi-purpose buildings in the Alps. It is composed of two parts, one built in 1874, the other between 1912 and 1914. Its present aspect is very much similar to the original one, which successfully blended modern technical abilities with the harmony of art nouveau architecture.

The building had to meet two functions: to house the health resort and also provide a space in which guests could be entertained. Therefore inside it we find rooms intended for smoking and playing games, others devoted to conversation, reading and a gambling room that later turned into a proper casino. When famous representatives of the international scientific community began to hold frequent meetings at the Kurhaus, the whole city started to gain a reputation as a congress centre.

The new wing of the building, which gave the Kurhaus its present aspect, was inaugurated on the 31st of December 1914 with the opening of the main hall, the Kursaal. It was conceived by the Viennese architect Friedrich Ohmann. Greatly worth are the elegant foyer, the ample staircase, the gallery and the huge ballroom and concert hall. The stuccoes, the gilded wrought-iron decorations and the frescoes enhance the charm of the building, though its symbols have undoubtedly come to be the rotunda with its cupola and the well-known tympanum with the dancing girls.
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