Passeier Gate
The Passeier Gate

In the 14th century, when Merano became a town, the Counts of Tyrol had a wall built to protect the city from enemies. After the capital of Tyrol was moved from Meran to Innsbruck, the city walls were no longer maintained and were almost completely destroyed over time. Today, only small parts of it can be seen, as well as three of the four entrance gates to the city.

The Passeier Gate is a slender tower with quoins and a pointed arch gate and was built in the early 14th century. Next to the Passeier Gate you can see the remains of the city walls, which run up the steep slope to the Gunpowder Tower. On the south side of the Passeirer Tor you can see the roof overhang, which should probably have protected paintings from weathering. The claw stones on the north side led an iron gate.