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Killer Plants – The green carnivores
Battles between life and death, baffling tricks and flamboyant guises: This is what makes carnivorous plants so fascinating.
The temporary “Killer Plants – The Green Carnivores” exhibition in the Gardens offers visitors an insight into the gruesome beauty of these artful trappers. Once you’ve been trapped, there is no escape - with their sticky leaves, delicate flowers and outlandish tentacles they entice all manner of insects into their lair.

A voyage to the worlds of greater and lesser-known carnivorous plants begins with a trip to their natural habitats around the globe, from the vines of tropical rainforests to muggy swamps and bogs, from the depths of valleys to the heights of mountains.

The temporary exhibition features all forms of traps and illustrates the incredible biodiversity of these bizarre artists of survival, all complemented by models, living plants and guided tours designed especially for the exhibition.

When: from April 1 to November 15
Where: The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
Via S. Valentino 51a
39012 Merano
T +39 0473 255600