In Meran, the installation of famous Cazador-del-sol® suncatchers has been positioned at various points in the city centre. You can admire the suncatchers at the Thermenplatz, the Promenade, the Sparkassenstrasse up to the Prince's Castle.

The fluorescent Cazador-del-sol® converts light energy and thus glows as if by itself. Completely environmentally friendly and energy-saving, without electricity or other aids. An effect that we feel even more intensely on rainy days or at dusk. When we miss the sunshine, the Cazador-del-sol® glows most intensively. The suncatcher is mounted on a flexible swinging pole, reacts sensitively to the slightest breeze, and thus sways gently in the wind. Through the interplay of warm light and supple movement, the Cazador-del-sol® creates a feeling of inner peace and harmony.