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Fresh goat cheese ice cream and fig sorbet with honey wafer

Fresh goat cheese ice cream and fig sorbet with honey wafer

A recipe by the hotel Aurora

Ingredients for the fresh goat cheese ice cream:
Milk 100 g
Goat cheese 25 g
Sugar 25 g
Egg white 10 g
Cream 20 g
Gelatine 5 g

Ingredients for the honey wafer:

Softened butter 75 g
Powdered sugar 125 g
Flour 00 60 g
Honey 60 g

Crumbled pistachios:

pistachios from Bronte 40 g
Sugar 30 g
Water 40 g

Ingredients for the fig sorbet:
Fig purée 100 g
Sugar 40 g
Water 85 g
Preparation of the fresh goat cheese ice cream: Mix the sugar, cream, fresh cheese, egg white and milk all together into a pan over low heat until the sugar has dissolved (82 ⁰C of temperature). Heat the whole mixture just until it is hot and a small ring of foam appears around the edge. Transfer the cream mixture to a pourable container such as a large measuring cup. Before adding the gelatine to the mixture, let the gelatine soak in cold water. After the soaking, add the gelatine to the mixture and let it cool down for 24 hours in the deep freezer.

Preparation of the fig sorbet: Mix all the ingredients in a pan and let them boil. Transfer the cream mixture to a container, place in freezer and mix from time to time.

Preparation of the honey- wafer: Mix all the ingredients into a paste and then form it into small balls. Bake them at 200⁰C for 5 minutes.

Preparation of the crumbled pistachios: Make caramel out of water and sugar and mix the previously toasted pistachios in. Let it chill and at the end crumble it on the ice cream.

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