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Ricotta cream with amaretti and dandelion honey

Ricotta cream with amaretti and dandelion honey

A recipe by Bistro Mediterraneo

Ricotta cheese 400 g
Eggs 2 pc
Sugar 100 g
Dandelion honey 100 g
Amaretti 200 g
Fresh whipped cream 250 g
Lemon and orange zest
Beat the eggs with the sugar and flavor carriers and 50 g of honey in a water bath until warm (up to 38°C), then work with the mixer until the volume has doubled. Crumble the amaretti in another bowl, and mix them with the fresh whipped cream and ricotta. Add the cream of ricotta mixture to the egg mixture with a rubber spatula, and pour into suitable glasses.
For decoration, put an amaretto and the remaining honey on top of the cream.
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