21th International Brass Festival - da Blechhauf´n & Christoph Moschberger

Christoph Moschberger and da Blechhauf'n are a unit that carries you away. What belongs together comes together! Ticket price: € 30.00.

It seems almost superfluous to introduce "Da Blechhauf'n" in more detail. The seven brass-playing gentlemen from Austria have long since achieved legendary status. For more than 20 years, they have been shaping brass music in all its facets with their unique sound, their infectious joy of playing and a good dose of "Schmäh". Hundreds of concerts all over Europe, several CD releases and last but not least the many young musicians who respectfully emulate the "Blechhauf'n" make clear their role as pioneers of the all so colourful brass music scene as we know it today.

Christoph Moschberger is one of the best-known trumpeters in the German-speaking music scene and a prime example of applied musical versatility. He does not fit into any pigeonhole, is not just a jazz, pop or brass trumpet player, but is simply in demand. The list of his references seems endless: in addition to international jazz greats and the renowned German radio big bands, the hottest rock and pop acts from the charts line up and ultimately meet the most successful brass band in the world, the "Egerländer Musikanten" around Ernst Hutter.
As if it were a matter of course, Christoph Moschberger manages to form his own artistic identity out of this musical balancing act without ever seeming arbitrary. This makes him one of the most exciting trumpet soloists of his generation.

"Christoph Moschberger & da Blechhauf'n" now bring the full range of their music to the stage for the first time as an evening-long concert experience. This ranges from intimate ballad moments to breakneck virtuoso capers to earthy driving grooves and leaves the musicians enough room for improvisation. And of course the humorous moments typical of Blechhauf'n are not to be missed in the programme.

Ticket price: € 30.00 - Youths and students € 15.00.

Advance ticket sales on September 30th and on October 7th from 9-11.30 a.m. in the Kurhaus box office, Freiheitsstraße - corso Libertà 29.

Remaining tickets at the box office from 6.00 p.m.

Please collect reserved tickets at the box office from 6 p.m. at least half an hour before the concert.
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