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Merano/Meran has always been a bridgehead between North and South, between the Alpine and the Mediterranean. The town has traditionally brought together different cultures and people. This distinctive trait has inspired the work of acclaimed landscape architect Silvia Ghirelli for the Merano Flower Festival: A cultural trail connecting the festival’s locations and showcasing the wide range of architectural styles present in Merano’s urban landscape. Trees with a strong symbolic meaning are “tied” to each other to create a single narrative.

Her work for the Merano Flower Festival is embellished by Vannucci. Established in 1938 and based in the Tuscan city of Pistoia, Vannucci has now one of the world’s largest plant-breeding facilities. It is renowned for its high-quality cultivars of a myriad of species and subspecies.
Silvia Ghirelli
Silvia Ghirelli
Silvia Ghirelli has made a name for herself internationally as a designer of gardens and parks. She is a respected expert in her field and has done ...