The bell tower of the St. Nikolaus cathedral
With the St. Nikolaus cathedral, one of Merano’s undisputed landmark buildings gets a sculptural depiction for the Merano Spring project, with the plant sculpture displayed in a flowerbed beside the “original” bell tower at Piazza Duomo. The artwork was created by the renowned Tuscany based topiary business Romiti & Giusti. For the sculpture the horticultural practice of topiary was used, whereby fast-growing perennial plants are planted in a flowerbed or similar container, with the iron frame of the sculpture positioned on the soil. Once the plants start to grow, their foliage is clipped and trimmed to develop and maintain the shape, with the plants eventually filling in the frame (in this case the bell tower of the St. Nikolaus cathedral).

Location: on the Passer Promenade (close to the Ponte della Posta bridge)
Created by the topiary business Romiti & Giusti