Emina Cevro Vucovic
Maybe it is her cultural heritage (Italian mother and Bosnian father) that has made Emina Cevro Vucovic interested in the cross of culture and knowledge. After her degree in pedagogy at Padova University with a thesis in Sociology, she published in the 70’s three survey books on social issues, then she dedicated herself to freelance journalism, and following this, she worked at “Cosmopolitan Italia” as their Senior editor for nine years. From 2011 to 2016, in Milan, with friends from various fields, from design to philosophy, Emina Cevro Vucovic supported Lunedì Sostenibili, network for greener cities, a free and convivial monthly meeting dedicated to weave alliances for green projects. She dreams of cities with green roofs that have the biodiversity and flexibility of natural ecosystems, multicultural cities where one can rediscover the cyclical rhythms of nature.