The Parish Church of St. Zeno

St. Zeno Parish Church in Naturns A Romanesque chancel chapel is known to have stood on the site of the present-day parish church which dates from 1200. The older pre- Carolingian building was later incorporated to become the apse of the present-day Late Gothic church which is dedicate to St. Zeno, patron saint who protects against flooding and erstwhile Bishop of Verona. It was built between 1474 and 1475. The choir was re-built in Baroque style in 1760.

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Coming from Merano, drive through the centre of the village of Naturno and then turn right into St. Zeno Street. There is a direct walk to the parish church after approx 700 metres away.
The parish church of Naturno is dedicated to St. Zeno - Bishop of Verona - consecrated.
Parking spaces directly near the church
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