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Jesus Besinnungsweg - Meditation Walk Naturno

Naturno (554 mt.) - Sportplatz - Unterschwarzplatz (774 mt.) - Sportplatz - Naturno

Route description

Continue on upwards to the beginning of the Jesus Besinnungsweg or Meditation Walk, a kind of pilgrims' path with 15 stations-of-the-cross. A great way to see more of the beauty of the surrounding countryside and marvel at the glories of nature which God created. Another option for hikers who prefer a longer walk is to take the path leading up from the Kreuzigung station to the farmhouse at Unterschwarzplatz and then path no. 11 to the Gsindboden with its viewing platform. Stop for a moment here to admire the lovely panorama and fine views of the Vinschgau valley and up into the Schnalstal, the Senales valley, to the place where Ötzi, the Ice Man, was found, fascinating Juval Castle where world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner and his family live or downwards towards the charming, ancient little valley church dedicated to St. Procolo. The return walk leads over the Tschirlander Heide and through the hamlet of Tschirland back to Naturno or past the Haslhof farm to Tabland then on through Tschirland to Naturno.

description to arrive at destination

Walking from the village centre, take the Bahnhofstraße to the Naturnser Sportplatz.

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