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Sonnenberger Panoramaweg path in Naturno

Naturno (554 mt.) - Vogeltenn - path no. 39 and 39A - Weitgrub (615 mt.) - Sonnenberger Panoramaweg Path no. 91 - Pardell (670 mt.) - Winklerhof (682 mt.) - Rabland (532 mt.) - Naturno

Route description

Leaving Naturno along the Schlossweg path, turn onto the Vodeltenpromenade and enjoy the lovely views of the village to one side of you. Walk on to the sign-post and turn off along path no. 39 which will take you to the Rautner, Hafling and Runsthof farmhouses and on as far as the Runster-Mühle, an old mill. Path no. 39A leads on from the Runsthof to another farm, the Weitgrubhof, where the Sonnenberger Panoramaweg path no. 91 begins. This will take you to two other farmsteads, the Pardellhof and the Winklerhof. The Sonnenberger Panoramaweg path winds its way along the sunny slopes and is very aptly named. It is a pleasant walk and gives wonderful views out over the lowland orchards and the thickly-forested slopes of the Nörderberg on the opposite side of the valley. The way from the Winklerhof leads gently downwards to Rabland where you can either catch the public bus back to Naturno or walk back to the village along the path which follows the banks of the river Etsch.