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High Alpine Meadow and Kneipp Walk on the Nörderberg

Naturno (554 mt.) - Kreuzbrünnl (1.580 mt.) - Zetn Alm (1.800 mt.) - Frantsch Alm (Mausloch Alm 1.835 mt.) - Tablander Alm (1.758 mt.) - turning to car-park - Kreuzbrünnl car-park - Naturno

description to arrive at destination

Go by car to the Naturnser Nörderberg and leave your vehicle at the Kreuzbrünnl car-park.

Route description

From Kreuzbrünnl starts your walk along path no. 5A which leads up to the very beautiful Zetn Alm. Path A will take you first to the Frantsch Alm and then on to the Tablander Alm. Remember - the crystal-clear, fresh-water steams along the way are perfect for a refreshing, invigorating Kneipp bath and why not splash a little water on your arms and face while you're about it!. The perfect, natural skin and foot-care treatment and the chance to do something for your general health and well-being surrounded by splendid scenery and truly lovely views! Leaving the Tablander Alm behind, walk downwards to the Frantsch Alm and take the Forststraße, the Forestry Road, back to the Kreuzbrünnl car-park or go on along path no 30 for 2 1/2 hours and walk back to Naturno.

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