Alpine Hike - Monte Tramontana

Kreuzbrünnl (1.580 mt.) - Naturnser Alm (1.910 mt.) - Zetn Alm (Alm 1.747mt.) - Malga "Mausloch" (1.835 m ) -Kreuzbrünnl

General description
The most beautiful section of this hike is certainly the fairytale-like Almenweg. This continues from the Mausloch Alm in the direction of Vinschgau and connects the alpine pastures on the Nörderberg. This alpine pasture round can be run excellently as a culinary pleasure walk, because the alpine pastures cultivated during the summer months with typical courts of the region invite to small and bigger refreshments. The hike is especially refreshing in the hot summer months.
Route description
With the hiking taxi or your own car you can reach the Kreuzbrünnl car park via the farm and alpine road on the Naturnser Nörderberg at about 1. 500 m. From the car park follow the forest path to the Naturnser Alm. The path initially leads relatively flat along the wooded slopes of the Naturnser Nörderberg to the Naturnser Alm. From the alpine pasture you follow the beautiful, picturesque alpine pasture path at roughly the same altitude to the Zetn alpine pasture at 1,747 m. The last one to reach on this alpine pasture circuit, if you continue the hike along the alpine pasture path, is finally the Mausloch alpine pasture. Along the wide forest path you always return slightly downhill to the Kreuzbrünnl car park. With the hiking taxi or the car you drive back into the valley.
Description to arrive at destination

Take the car to the Naturnser Nörderberg and leave it at the Kreuzbrünnl car-park.


Parking space "Kreuzbrünnl"

Public transport

Shuttle Naturno - Monte Tramontana.


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