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Tips of Daniel Jung

Tips of Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung, internationally successful trail runner from Naturno, has some helpful suggestions.

Daniel Jung, a successful professional trail runner who competes in international competitions, was significantly involved in the organisation. That's why we asked Daniel, who by the way is at home in Naturno, what his tips for a successful start in the world of trail running are. Maybe one or the other of you would like to try it out on your next holiday in Naturno!

Dani's expert advice:

▪1. The right equipment is essential: trail running shoes, functional clothing, possibly trail running poles and rucksack
▪ 2. Before going on the trails, i.e. more difficult terrain, you should first prepare your muscles and tendons for it. This includes running in flat terrain, cycling, stabilisation and balance exercises, muscle training with your own weight and - very important! - training the tendons of the ankle and knee
▪ 3. Give yourself time and don't want too much right away! Increase the duration and intensity of the runs in order to accustom the muscles and tendons to the new strain
▪ 4. Always have a view a few meters ahead when running downhill, in order to be able to set the steps purposefully and safely and to be able to choose a good line
▪ 5. When going downhill the stand width is always at least or even more than hip width. Keep the torso stable and the arms to the side, calmly and on the chest. Balance the rhythm of running by moving your hands up and down
▪ 6. Uphill, if it gets steeper, better switch to walking. You are not slower there with slightly larger steps and use less energy than when running
▪ 7. Use the sticks in a targeted manner so as not to brake, but always to have a good push forward
▪ 8. Better get the sticks out of the way downhill! This makes you feel safer, because your hands are free and you can support yourself better in case of a fall. The balance is kept better and you do not have to concentrate on the precise and coordinative use of the poles.
▪ 9. Always have enough equipment, such as first aid kit, mobile phone and food/drink with you, as you are in the mountains and never know what will happen
▪ 10. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy!!!
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