The course
The course
The Ötzi Alpine Marathon is divided into 3 sections: a cycling, a running and a ski touring route.

The first 25.1 km and 1,743 hm are to be overcome by mountainbike, followed by the 10.6 km long running course (503 hm) before the 6.5 km high touring ski run at 3,212 m to the finish line at the top station of the glacier cable car on the Grawand.

Length 42.2 km (marathon distance)
difference in altitude 2.658 m
Difference in altitude to be covered 3,447 m


Length: 25,1 km
difference in altitude: 1.097 m
Difference in altitude to be covered: 1,743 m

The cyclists start on the Rathausstraße in the centre of Naturno at 554 m above sea level and cycle along the asphalted street up to the Linthof (first refreshment point) at 1,464 m. From here the trail continues uphill on a forest road towards the mountain hut Dick until it reaches an altitude of 1,651 metres (km 11.1 of the MTB route) and then into the valley to the Fuchsbergstrasse above Innerunterstell. After a rather fast, 6.5 km long descent on the asphalted Fuchsberg road, where great caution is required due to the potholes and cracks in the asphalt and the many tight bends, the bikers reach the "Hof am Wasser" at the bottom of the valley (888 m). From there, the route continues uphill again along the main road to the ArcheoParc in Unser Frau (1508 m), where the first change takes place. The second refreshment point is near the turn-off to Karthaus.


Length: 10.6 km
difference in altitude: 503 m

The second section leads up to the shooting range and on to trail nr. 15, which follows the trail through the forest next to the lake of Vernagt (1700 m). The trail continues over the dam to the church Leiter and along the orographically left lake path to the end of the reservoir. From there the route leads up to the high ropes course (Ötzi Rope Park), then continue on the hiking trail parallel to the main road to the bridge near the Untergerstgrashof. After passing under the bridge, the trail now continues constantly uphill on a beautifully laid out forest path without any major gradients, past the nearby Marchegghof to the uppermost parking lot of the Schnalstal Glacier cable cars in Kurzras (2011 m), where the next change takes place.

Touring Ski

Length: 6,5 km
difference in altitude: 1.201 m

The route for the ski tourers runs along the "Smugglers' Run", along the ski slope from Kurzras to the top station of the glacier cable car. Here there are 1,200 metres of altitude difference to overcome. Partly in very steep terrain, but also with sections of lower gradient, past the "Schmugglers' Run" and the glacier lake near the mountain hut "Schöne Aussicht".
The finish of this Ötzi Alpine Marathon is the Grawand at 3,212 meters above sea level. This is the same altitude as the nearby Ötzi discovery site on the Tisenjoch. The fascinating mountain scenery rewards the participants for all their efforts and exertions.