Ötzi Trailrun Naturno
Ötzi Trailrun Naturno
Ötzi Trailrun Naturno
The mountain run Ötzi Trailrun is organized by the tourism association of Naturno/Naturns, in cooperation with several relevant associations.

The event is a mountain run extending over the routes of the "Skyrace Naturno" (15 km and 1,150 m of altitude difference) and "Sunny Mountain Trail" (30 km and 2,100 m of altitude difference). The competitions both start in Naturno at Rathausplatz square on March 28, 2020 at 9:30 am (at the Sunny Mountain Trail) and 11:00 am (Skyrace Naturno). The final destination is also at Rathausplatz square in Naturno.

Skyrace Naturno – 15 km and 1,150 m of altitude difference
Sunny Mountain Trail – 30 km and 2,100 m of altitude difference

Terms of eligibility – open to all men and women who have reached the age of 18 by 27 March 2020 and meet the following requirements:
- Participants resident in Italy: must be in possession of a sports medical certificate for athletics according to art. 5 D.M.18.02.1982, issued by a sports doctor and valid on the day of the race. A copy of the medical certificate must be uploaded upon registration or must be sent to info@oetzi-trailrun.com within 9 March 2020. Without a medical certificate, you will not be allowed to start the race.
- Participants residing outside Italy: due to the legal regulations in force in Italy for participation in races held in Italy, participants residing abroad must present a medical certificate. A copy of the medical certificate, which you can download in advance from the registration portal www.oetzi-trailrung.com, must be uploaded upon registration or must be sent to info@oetzi-trailrun.com within 9 March 2020. Without a medical certificate, you will not be allowed to start the race.
Each participant must be able to complete the route on their own responsibility and as a partially self-sufficient person.
The Ötzi Trailrun runs partly along demanding routes and requires:
- good surefootedness
- lack of suffering from giddiness
- excellent physical and psychological condition
- partial self-sufficiency
- experience in Alpine cross-country running
- good orientation and safety on slippery terrain.

The number of participants is limited. A maximum of 300 people (per each distance) can participate in the race.
The organizers reserve the right to exclude persons from participation and to adjust the maximum number of participants.
In this case, the date on which the application was filed shall apply.

Participants can register online at www.oetzi-trailrun.com.
If a registered participant does not complete the registration, he/she is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee.
Registration is open from 15 August 2019 to 22 March 2020.
With registration at the Ötzi Trailrun, every participant accepts the rules of the competition.

The collection of data and direct payment is done according to RACE RESULT and the organizer.
The registration is only valid after payment of the entry fee and correct registration.

The registration fee will NOT be refunded. Exceptions are athletes who cannot start due to illness or injury and who present a medical certificate. In case of a shortening of the course or cancellation of the race due to force majeure, the registration fee will NOT be refunded and will not be credited for the following year.
In justified cases (injury, illness), a starting number may be passed on to third parties until 17 March 2020. A change to a shorter race (Skyrace Naturno) is possible without refund of the difference.

(all participants must be 18 years of age or over)
M1 2002 - 1981 18 - 39 years
M2 1980 - 1971 40 - 49 years
M3 1970 - 1961 50 - 59 years
M4 1959 and older - 60 years and older
W1 2002 - 1981 18 - 39 years
W2 1980 - 1966 40 - 54 years
W3 1965 and older - 55 years and older

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 6 pm in Naturno on Rathausplatz suqare or Rathaussaal hall (finish area).
The first five men and women in the overall rankings and the first three in all categories will be awarded prizes.
Only the finishers receive a Finisher’s Prize.
Only runners who reach the finish line will be evaluated for the rankings list.
Prizes must be collected within 10 days.
Prize money for the first 5 in terms of overall classification and material prizes will be awarded to the first three in all categories.
- Sunny Mountain Trail
1.total – 300 €
2.total – 200 €
3.total – 150€
4.total – 100 €
5.total – 50 €
- Skyrace Naturno
1.total – 150 €
2.total – 100 €
3.total – 75 €
4.total – 50 €
5.total – 30 €

The registration opens on 1 August 2019.
Until 31.12.2019 the registration fee is 25 € (Skyrace Naturno) and 35 € (Sunny Mountain Trail).
From 1.1.2020 to 29.2.2020 the fee is 30 € (Skyrace Naturno) and 40 € (Sunny Mountain Trail).
From 1.3.2020, the fee is 40 € (Skyrace Naturno) and 50 € (Sunny Mountain Trail).
This can be done until Friday, 27 March 2020 from 6 – 9 am directly at the race office. Please present a valid sports medical certificate with late registration. Late registration costs 45 € (Skyrace Naturno) and 55 € (Sunny Mountain Trail).

In the route map you will find a detailed list of the catering stations.
The following catering is provided at each supply point: natural water, energy drinks, nutritional bars, fruit, and dried fruit. The principle of partial self-sufficiency prevails.
Every participant is obliged to have the prescribed material with them during the race and after each supply point (see under Material).
The catering at the supply points is intended only for consumption on site, and may not be taken along. Only natural water is provided for filling Camelbaks or bottles.
Participants must carry their own drinking cup or suitable container with them.

Each participant must adhere to the given and marked route. Any deviation from the course will be punished with disqualification (see also under Penalties). There are several checkpoints. These are mandatory. If a runner does not pass a checkpoint, he or she will be disqualified.

With the registration, each runner accepts the obligation to carry all materials listed below during the entire run. Failure to do so will incur the imposition of penalties.

Sunny Mountain Trail
- Backpack or belt bag
- Mobile phone, switched on and charged
- Security numbers of the organization and emergency number to be stored
- Drinking bottle or Camelbak min.0.5l
- Cup or suitable drinking container
- Aluminum rescue blanket or survival blanket
- Signal whistle
- Waterproof jacket, and warm clothing suitable for poor climatic conditions and high altitudes
- Spikes or shoe claws depending on conditions*
- Cap, headband or other head protection
- Gloves
- Food supply sufficient to the next supply point
- Cash for possible return transport

Skyrace Naturno
- Mobile phone, switched on and charged
- Security numbers of the organization and emergency number to be stored
- Cup or suitable drinking container
- Aluminum rescue blanket or survival blanket
- Signal whistle
- Waterproof jacket and warm clothing suitable for poor climatic conditions and high altitudes
- Spikes or shoe claws depending on conditions*
- Cap, headband or other head protection
- Gloves
- Food supply sufficient to the next supply point
- Cash for possible return transport

*Depending on the conditions of the route, the organizers will communicate this 1 week in advance.

The backpack check will take place on Saturday, 28 March 2020 from 8 am (Sunny Mountain Trail) and 9:30 am (Skyrace Naturno) on the Rathausplatz square – at the entrance to the start area.
The mandatory material will be checked before the run, and can be randomly checked along the course and at the finish. The organizers may also request additional material as obligatory before the start.

If an athlete should discontinue their participation in the race for any reason, they are generally responsible for the return transport. At strategic points, a shuttle service is set up by the organizers. This is shown in the route map. The shuttle service is organized exclusively by the race control. Waiting times may occur.

Starting numbers will be issued in Naturno on 27 March 2020 at the town hall from 6 – 9 pm and on 28 March 2020 from 6 – 7:30 am (Sunny Mountain Trail) and until 9 am (Skyrace Naturno).
Every runner will receive a number at the race number distribution center:
- Starting Number: this must be attached to the front of the body in a clearly visible position.
The race number allows the runners access to catering zones, medical and rest zones, showers and shuttle services. Starting numbers may not be passed on to other persons.
- Chip: free of charge and must be attached to the starting number. This must not be transported in a backpack. Before the start, each runner must go through the entrance gates to the closed start area in order to register.
- Route Map: all runners will receive a route map marked with the refreshment posts and other useful information.

On Friday, 27 March at 7 pm an orientation briefing will be held in the town hall of Naturno, and additionally on Saturday, 28 March 2020 at the starting area at 8:30 am (Sunny Mountain Trail) and 10 am (Skyrace Naturno) concerning the competition. Every participant is obliged to participate.

Accompanying persons are not permitted.

Auxiliary posts will be set up along the route, which will be connected to the race control by radio or telephone. Along the territory of the route, ambulances, civil defense and doctors will be ready for action. The auxiliary services are intended to provide assistance to all persons in difficulty, either through the organizers’ own resources or through contractual organizations. The control posts, doctors, helpers, White Cross and Mountain Rescue are authorized to exclude from the competition any participants who have not been found suitable to continue. The helpers are entitled to evacuate participants found to be in danger with all means at their disposal. If necessary, the official mountain rescue service will be used, which will take the lead in this case and use all suitable means, including helicopters. Only the employees of the organization decide on the necessity according to the interest of the person to be looked after. Any costs arising from the use of these extraordinary funds will be borne by the participants in accordance with the applicable regulations. A runner who turns to a doctor or assistant submits to his or her authority and undertakes to respect his or her decisions.

The start of the race takes place on Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 9:30 am (Sunny Mountain Trail) and 11:00 am (Skyrace Naturno).
Time limits: 8 or 6.5 hours, so that the race ends on Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 5:30 pm.
- Start (Naturno) Saturday, 28 March, 9:30 am
- Texelbahn cable car 3 hours "Sunny Mountain Trail" (within Saturday, 28 March at 12:30 noon)
- Unterstell cable car 6 or 4.5 hours "Both Distances" (within Saturday, 28 March at 3:30 pm)

The time limits are marked on the route map. The runners must have left the control post with the broom runner at the end of the time. Runners who exceed the time limit will be removed from the race. The broom runner accompanies the last runners to the next checkpoint. All runners must follow the instructions of the track and control posts and the broom runners. Each competitor may, except in case of injury or exhaustion, finish the competition only at the control posts. The head of the post decides on any further procedure and the return transport. Each participant must report a withdrawal from the race to a track marshal or by telephone to the race control. In case of inclement weather conditions and/or safety reasons, the organizers reserve the right to interrupt the current competition or to change the time limits.

- Lack of the prescribed backpack material at the finish line – 2 hours to disqualification
- Shortcut or leaving the marked track – Disqualification
- Refusal to control – Disqualification
- Intentional throwing away of waste of runners – Disqualification
- Use of a means of transport, sharing or exchanging race numbers, failure to pass a checkpoint, doping or refusal to undergo an anti-doping check, failure to provide assistance to another participant in difficulty, insults, disrespect or threats to members of the organization or to volunteers, gross unsportsmanship – Disqualification
- Non visible start number – 30 minutes
- Refusal to obey the instructions of the race management, a functionary, a doctor or a helper – Disqualification
- Absence of an electronic chip – According to the jury's decision
- Leaving the control post after the time limit has expired – Disqualification

During the race, officials will be present who are entitled to check the compliance of participants with the regulations. These officials are authorized to disqualify runners with immediate effect and to inform the jury of any infringements found. The jury of the race will impose penalties according to the following table:
This list does not claim to be exhaustive. In the event of disqualification, no reimbursement of costs will be made by the organizers.

Objections must be made no later than 30 minutes after the official announcement of the results on the notice board in the race office (6:00 pm) in written form, together with an amount of 50 € payable to the race management. A decision will be made within the next half hour. In the event that the complaint is accepted, the amount will be refunded.

- OC – President
- Director of the Race Control
- 2 members of the OC
- Responsible for the track

Each participant must abide by the internationally applicable doping rules. Any athlete may be subjected to a doping test before, during or after the run.

The organization reserves the right to change the route or the location of the auxiliary and supply posts as well as the time limits at any point without notice. For safety reasons, the competition may be cancelled at any time. In the case of inclement weather conditions, the start time may be postponed or cancelled. If necessary, the organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel some sections of the route. In the event of any change or abandonment of the competition, there will be no claims for a refund of the entry fees.

The organizers take out liability insurance for the duration of the competition. Participation is undertaken by direct responsibility of the participants, who waive any appeal against the organizers in the case of damage or other consequences occurring after the competition.

All participants waive all rights to images taken or reproduced before, during and after the competition.


The personal data of all participants provided during registration will be stored and processed only for the purposes of carrying out and processing the event. With registration, the participant agrees to storage of their data. The participant agrees that all personal data collected may be passed on to third parties for the purpose of timekeeping, compiling and displaying the result lists as well as the settings of these lists on the homepage. With registration, the organizer agrees to the publication of these data across all relevant media (homepage, print media and Internet). The participant agrees with registration that all personal data stated in the registration form may be stored, and that all photos and film footage taken in connection with the Skyrace Naturno and Sunny Mountain Trail may be used and published without claim or remuneration. Please also note the privacy policy of our partner RACE RESULT at the following link: www.raceresult.com/de-at/contact/dataprivacy.php
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alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 12 hours ago alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun

Diese spektakuläre Strecke durch die 1.000-Stufen-Schlucht wollt ihr euch doch nicht entgehen lassen, oder?
Hier geht's zur Anmeldung: https://www.merano-suedtirol.it/de/oetzi-trailrun-naturns/event/anmeldung.html
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alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 6 days ago alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun

✴️ELITE ATHLETEN✴️ Es freut uns mitzuteilen, das wir die sympathische und
weltklasse Athletin @eva.maria.sperger aus Deutschland vom Team @salomon beim #Alpenplus #oetzitrailrun am Start willkommen heißen dürfen.
Eva zeigt in den letzten Jahren immer wieder auf verschiedenen Distanzen ihre Klasse und mischt ständig vorne mit!!! Sie wird vor allem versuchen, mit ihren technischen Fähigkeiten bei der 30km Strecke des #SunnyMountainTrail den Mädels die Grenzen aufzuweisen und auf volle Attacke zu laufen💪🔥
EVA schön dass du dabei bist🎉

Zu einigen ihrer Erfolge gehören;
▪️ 1.Rang @grossglockner_ultra_trail
▪️ 2 x 1.Rang bei den @skyrunning Series Austria, ▪️1.Rang Deutsche Meisterschaft 2017
▪️ 5.Rang @transgrancanaria
▪️ 2.Rang @eigerultratrail

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alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 9 days ago alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun

✴️ELITE ATHLETEN✴️ Kennt ihr die Bezeichnung "Maschine am Berg"!?
Wir bezeichnen das keinen geringeren Athleten als @perkmann_hannes aus Südtirol/Italien vom Team @dynafit . Hannes liebt steile Anstiege und er hat dort schon den besten Läufern der Welt die Grenzen aufgezeigt. Er wird auch auf der 15km Strecke #SkyraceNaturns den Jungs so richtig Dampf machen und auf jedem Fall um den Tagessieg mitlaufen wollen.
HANNES, ganz @naturns_naturno und das gesamte OK-Team freuen sich sehr dass du dabei bist!!!! 😊 👍 💪 💨

Zu seinen größten Erfolgen zählen;
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▪️ 1.Rang @vertical.tube mit Streckenrekord 13:53 (500d+ 1km)
▪️ 1.Rang @ultraskyrace 42k und Streckenrekord

#oetzitrailrun #trailrunning #naturns #skyrunning #Südtirol #Vinschgau #Mountains #trails #race #fun #challengeyourself

alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 13 days ago alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun

"No place too far" - das ist das Motto unserer Sponsoren von @scarpaspa! Hochwertige Schuhe für alle sportlichen Gelegenheiten lassen nicht nur die ♥ von uns Trailrunnern höher schlagen!

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alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 22 days ago alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun

We wish you a healthy start into the new year 🎇! May all your dreams come true 🎉 🍀
#happynewyear #newstart #health #sports #nature #ötn #alpenpluswear #ötzitrailrun #trailrunning #mountains #challengeyourself

alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 24 days ago alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun

✴️ELITE ATHLETEN✴️ Wer kennt Ihn nicht!?
Denk @sebastian_run "SEBASTIAN HALLMANN" aus Deutschland vom Salomon Running Team hat sich in den letzten Jahren einen großen Namen in der Trailrunning Szene gemacht. Er kommt zwar von der Bahn und den eher kürzeren Distanzen, zeigt sich aber seit einigen Jahren immer stärker auf den Trails und hat dort auch sehr viele Erfolge gefeiert. Auf Sebastian müssen die Gegner sicher ein Auge werfen, da er auf 30km Strecke des #SunnyMountainTrail seine Stärken in den steilen Uphills ausspielen wird!!!
SEBASTIAN cool dass du beim #Alpenplus #oetzitrailrun am Start bist 🎉😉
▪️ Zu seinen größten Erfolgen zählen;
▪️7x Deutscher Meister Bahn und Cross einzel
▪️15 x Nationalmanschaftseinsätze für Deutschland, davon 2 im Berglauf.
▪️1.Rang @Stuibentrail 24k ▪️1.Rang @zugspitz_ultratrail Basetrail
▪️ 1.Rang @mayrhofenultraksofficial 30k
▪️ 2.Rang P44 @pitzalpineglaciertrail

#Alpenpluswear #ÖtziTrailrun #Trailrunning #Naturns #ScarpaSpa #Vinschgau #Südtirol #Skyrunning #Mountains #trails #race #fun #challengeyourself