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Distillery Gaudenz

Authentic, quality-conscious, curious - these were the characteristics that around ten years ago led Christine Schoenweger to create fine schnapps from the fruit that she lovingly grows in her garden. In 2007 she established her small but exclusive farm distillery in the historic Gaudenz Manor in Partschins. Since then, South Tyrol's first and - so far - only female schnapps maker has turned her passion for distilling into a successful business.

Fully-ripened fruit blessed by the South Tyrolean sun is - with the addition of the purest Partschins mountain spring water - transformed in the wood-fired copper still at Gaudenz Farm Distillery into the finest fruit schnapps. The combination of distilling skills, passion and Christine's fine nose produces unique, limited-edition spirits with a thrillingly intense fruity aroma.

Our range comprises fine fruit schnapps:
Jonagold apple schnapps
Golden Delicious apple schnapps
Morgenduft apple schnapps
Braeburn apple schnapps
Golden Delicious & quince schnapps
Golden Delicious & raspberry schnapps
Williams Christ pear schnapps
Plum schnapps
Vinschgau Apricot schnapps

...and pure grape marcs:
Müller Thurgau
Grappa aged in oak barrels

Opening times summer: March 23 - November 13
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Opening times: Telephone enquiry: November 9 - March 22
Opening times: Telephone enquiry: November 10 - April 7
Gaudenz Distillery
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