Zielspitze (3.006 m) / Cima di Tel

Following the Merano High Mountain Trail, the trail leads to the fertile Zieltal Valley, the source of the High Parcines/ Partschins waterfall! Then, up to the Zielspitze Summit passing Gingglegg and the ruin of the Königshof hut. This trek is only for experienced, sure-footed climbers with a head for heights!

Tour Start
Texelbahn cableway mountain station
Tour End
Texelbahn cableway mountain station

Walking across the meadows and through the forest from the Texelbahn Cableway mountain station towards Zielspitze, following the signpost. Initially straight up and then steeply down into the Schindeltal Valley. Turn right just before the creek and up through the forest until the timberline. Following the unsheltered path slightly uphill to the left into the Schindeltal Valley, to the Southern ridge, turn sharp right and walk on the long, alternately level and uphill path then up the very steep trail to the Zielspitze Peak summit (on a mostly gravel path, also with steep sections – only for experienced climbers!). Continue along the ridge in a sharp, northeasterly direction and from there on to the Zielspitze Summit (at 3,006 meters), an approximately 4-hour walk from the Texelbahn Cableway mountain station. The return trip is down the signposted route north, along a relatively accessible ridge, across the rocks down to where the path forks and again over rocks and debris (possibly also snow) until you reach the grassy slopes leading down to the Königshofalm ruin. Hike across the Zieltal Valley until you reach the Nasereit Refuge Hut at 1,523 meters - a 3-hour walk from the summit. Continue on for about 1 hour down the trail on Route No. 24, along the Merano High Mountain, back to the Texelbahn Cableway mountain station.
Alternative route
From the Texelbahn Cableway mountain station on the Merano High Mountain Trail (Route No. 24) up to the Nasereit Refuge, climb up to Gingglegg, at 1,891 m. Then follow the trail on Route No. 3 to the Königshofalm ruin continuing toward the Zielspitze summit (from the Texelbahn Cableway mountain station, it’s about 5 hrs). The return is on the same route (about 4 hrs.).

Texelbahn Cableway Valley Station, Zielstraße road, Rablà/Rabland
All-day parking, in the designated parking lot. Parking for campers only between 7.00 am – 7.00 pm

Public Transport
From Merano: the Venosta Valley Train or Bus 251 to Rablà/ Rabland, then Bus 265 to the Texelbahn Cableway. Or on the Venosta Valley Train/Bus 213 to Tel
From the Venosta Valley: on the Venosta Valley Train or Bus 251 to Rablà/Rabland and from then by Bus 265 to the Texelbahn Cableway.