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Spronser lakes - route from Pfelders/Plan

General description

The Spronser lakes are found at the centre of the Texel Mountain Nature Park, one of the largest high mountain lake districts in the entire Alps. They are fed with melted snow water and are a real highlight of the Texel Group Nature Park.  Their clear waters reflect the surrounding landscape and they are a popular place with walkers and hikers. The ten little lakes, which lie at an altitude of between 2,117 mt. and 2,589 mt., are the highest mountain lakes in South Tyrol.The lakes include the Kasersee 2,117 mt., Pfitschersee 2,126 mt., Mückensee 2,330 mt., Grünsee 2.338 mt., Langsee 2,377 mt., Schiefersee 2,501 mt., Kesselsee 2,512 mt., Schwarzsee 2,589 mt. and the two Milchseen at 2,540 mt.

Route description

Tour Start
Pfelders/ Plan
Tour End
Hochmut Cableway mountain station

Departing at 7.24 am from the Merano Railway Station, the bus leads to Pfelders/Plan arriving at 8.53 am. Starting from there, the hike (lasting approx. 50 min) leads up to the Falschnal Alpine hut at an altitude of 1,871 m, with a short break. Then, Route No. 6 follows on to the Falschnaljöchl Ridge at 2,417 m which links up to the Spronser Joch Ridge at 2,581 meters, with a hike lasting about 2 hrs, 20 min. With the mountain lakes still ahead, the track follows on for about 1 hr to the Oberkaser Alpine Hut at 2,134 meters, where hikers can pause for a sumptuous lunch made of local specialties. After the break, the route passes Kaserlacke and Pfitscherlacke (lacke = lake in Tyrolean). The route follows the Jägersteig hunter’s path down to the Mutkopf Hill at 1,664 m and then on down to the Hochmut Guesthouse at 1,360 meters, lasting about 2 hours. From here, the cable car takes us back down into the valley at Dorf Tirol/Tirolo. Our bus will return to the starting point in Merano.

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Public parking (Praderplatz square) in front of the Merano Railway Station

Public transport

Bus 213 from Parcines or from the Rablà bus stop. Alternatively, with the Venosta Valley Train to the Merano Railway Station; Bus No. 240 to Pfelders/ Plan; Bus no. 221 to Dorf Tirol/Tirolo.

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