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Terrain Cure Trail 2 - Texelbahn mountain station – Nasereit – Texelbahn mountain station

The Climatic Terrain Cure - Health and Fitness for the Heart and Circulation

  • Total length: 5.9 km
  • Length of ascending sections: 1.9 km
  • Ø walking time: 2 h at 3 km/h
  • Altitude: approx. 1540 - 1700 m
  • Degree of difficulty in terms of performance physiology: medium (4 out of 7)
  • Thermal stress level: moderate
  • Energy expenditure during ascents: 7.8 kcal/min at 3 km/h
  • Power output during ascents: 75 Watts at 3 km/h
Route: Take the Texelbahn cable car to the Giggelberg mountain station. Here follow the Merano High Mountain Trail (no. 24) in an easterly direction as far as the Nasereit refuge hut. Then take the same route back to the cable car mountain station.
Landscape & Requirements: Predominantly soft forest floor - 40% forest, 60% open landscape - moderate ascents through mountain forest and meadows, exposed to the sun and wind, alternating sunshine and shade, pleasant olfactory stimuli from the mixed woodland; only accessible in summer.
Interesting Sights: The newly-built Nasereit Hut at the entrance to the wonderful Zieltal valley; the breathtaking view of Merano at the Texelbahn mountain station.
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