Terrain Cure Trail 7 Aschbach valley station – Badlweg – Via Claudia Augusta cycle path – Rabland biotope – Aschbach valley station

The Climatic Terrain Cure - Health and Fitness for the Heart and Circulation

  • Total length: 3.9 km
  • Length of ascending sections: 0.8 km
  • Ø walking time: 1 h 20 min. at 3 km/h
  • Altitude: approx. 500 – 560 m
  • Degree of difficulty in terms of performance physiology: low (1 out of 7)
  • Thermal stress level: very high
  • Energy expenditure during ascents: 5.8 kcal/min at 3 km/h
  • Power output during ascents: 75 Watts at 3 km/h
Route: Follow Badlweg (Töll forest trail) from the valley station of the Aschbach cable car until over the Töll bridge, and then continue left in a westerly direction along the ancient Roman road Via Claudia Augusta (cycle and footpath) along the Etsch as far as the Rabland biotope. From there return to the cable car valley station. 
Landscape & Requirements: Sections on tarmac roads exposed to the sun and wind, here and there shady forest sections - 30% forest; easy, effortless, trouble-free hike in the valley, ideal as a beginner’s route; high thermal stress on sunny summer days.  
Interesting Sights: Rabland biotope recreational area; Imperial & Royal Museum in Bad Egart with neighbouring open-air museum
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