Herbal hike and water treading - at the Partschins Waalweg

In balance with yarrow, nettles and Father Kneipp


As the saying goes, “there is a herb for every ailment.” And that without water there would be no life, is as true for the Earth as it is for mankind. So what could be more appropriate than to use the power of nature and the elixir of water as a beneficial combination for greater strength, health and wellbeing?

Discover the numerous, often inconspicuous herbs by the wayside with our expert and learn all about their healing power and effects on our herb & water walk. At the same time familiarise yourself with the different forms and possibilities (there are over 120!) for partaking of the famous Kneipp cure.

Father Sebastian Kneipp’s water therapy gets the metabolism and circulation moving and demonstrably strengthens the body’s defences. In addition, it also helps with numerous chronic illnesses and nervous complaints such as headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, allergies, stubborn infections, stomach and bowel problems, and inner turmoil.

The place and setting where the findings of Father Kneipp are put into practice is as special and impressive
as the treatments themselves and the effect of the herbs and plants.
From Partschins/Parcines: bus line n° 265 to the busstop "Salten"

From Naturns/Naturno: direct busline n° 266 to Partschins/Parcines and from there bus line n° 265 to the busstop "Salten"

From Meran/o: bus line n° 213 to Partschins/Parcines and from there bus line n° 265 to the busstop "Salten"

From Vinschgau valley /Val Venosta: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà - than bus line n° 266 to Partschins/Parcines - and from there bus line n° 265 to the busstop "Salten"
To bring along
Face mask, comfortable clothing appropriate for the temperatures, towel and beverage.
In case of cancellation, a return of the participation fee is only possible if the cancellation is made within 6 p.m. of the day before.
In the case of online booking, the cancellation must be made no later than 2 days before the event and a cancellation fee of 10% will be charged.

In case of rain or thunderstorms the event cannot take place. The participation fee will be refunded in full.
Additional info
Short herb hike where you can learn interesting and surprising facts from the world of our alpine medicine and botany, followed by Kneipp exercises on the "Waalweg" trail, the ancient irrigation channel.
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