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Baking bread at the Gompm Alm

6/25 - 7/16/2020 11:00 - 14:00

During the cooking class at 1,450 m, the participants learn how to prepare two special Merano Foodie Factory dishes. In this context it becomes clear that an alpine hut’s menu offers much more beside dumplings and Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancake-style mixture combined with sugar, sultanas and cranberry marmalade). This cooking class does not take place in a steamy kitchen, as usual, but it will be held in the middle of nature with a view on Merano and the surrounding alpine panorama. Together with the host Sepp Gamper and his chef Oskar Kaufmann, the participants will prepare alpine-mediterranean potato dumplings and a brook trout.

Prices for 2019 to follow.
6/25 - 7/16/2020 11:00 - 14:00
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