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General description

The Oberöberst farm is located at the end of the tarred road in Vernuer and has always been a popular destination, which was previously only accessible via a simple cable car. Today, the evenly ascending driveway has become a popular mountain bike destination.

Route description

From the parking area, head briefly toward Merano and turn right at the junction with the main road. Continue to the tourist office, traveling between this and the shop Prunner. Then head down the narrow, tarred lane to the fork in the road. Keep right (signposted "Riffianerweg"). Follow the path downhill until the tarred lane near a house becomes a bad gravel road. Proceed along this road to the bridge over the river. Turn left, cross the bridge, then travel straight on up to a sharp left turn. Continue left. At the next fork, keep right. At the Luferkeller head up to the national road into Passeiertal. Follow this road about 300 meters to the right until the signposted turn-off (on the left) to Vernuer and Gfeis. Follow this street until the path to Gfeis and Walde branches off at the top in a right-hand bend. Continue right and follow the path to the Oberöberst farm.

description to arrive at destination

Drive to Schenna. Go past the bottleneck and continue straight at the next fork in the road (signed Taser), then turn right to the parking lot at the fire department.

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