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Circular Hike on the Maiser Waalweg Trail

This easy hike along the Maiser Waal (or irrigation channel) winds pleasantly through mixed forest and orchards and is highly recommended on hot summer days thanks to its numerous shady sections.

Route description

The hike begins in the center of the village of Scena. Here, to begin with, turn off down Katnauweg and Leiterweg trail, which passes the Innerleiter inn a little above the Ofenbaur restaurant and leads to the Maiser Waalweg trail. The trail runs almost flat in a northerly direction, sometimes through shady woodland, and leads over the Schnuggenbach beck to the Petaunerhof and onwards to the Riffianerweg trail. This latter path leads back to Scena.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena.