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Our greatest treasure
Family summers in Schenna
Our greatest treasure

Our greatest treasure

Family summers in Schenna

Families can enjoy a diverse and relaxing program while discovering nature – the greatest treasure of all. During the game, competitors take part in up to 18 hikes based on five entertaining family themes, designed especially for younger guests.

In the prize competitions, each child receives a playbook with quizzes, pictures, and creative ideas based on a topic, each with a series of questions. Children are asked to provide answers in a playful way about the natural and cultural environment around Scena/Schenna. Besides having fun, children also have the chance to win great prizes.

Keep a lookout for the signposts along the trails near the mountain huts and shelters: at each signpost there are also instructions with answers to each game, which each child then notes in their playbook. If at least three questions have been correctly answered by the end of the holiday, the child will receive a prize awarded by the Scena Tourist Office.
Family hikes
Circular Hike on the
Hiking, all hiking routes, easy, Waalwege Trails
Circular Hike on the "Maiser Waalweg" trail
This easy hike along the Maiser Waal (or irrigation channel) winds pleasantly through mixed forest and orchards and is highly recommended on hot ...
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