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Blick vom Schnalstal Richtung Schloss Juval

Juval Castle at the Entrance of the Schnalstal Valley

An imposing manor house

Perched on a hill at the mouth of the valley, Juval Castle looks out imposingly across the Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley. Built in 1250, this medieval castle is now the summer residence of celebrity mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

Perched on a hill at the mouth of the valley, Juval Castle is one of the six Messner Mountain Museums. The permanent exhibition here is focused on the Myth of the Mountains and includes a large collection of Tibetan masks and Himalayan artefacts, as well as a library and a collection of paintings of the world’s great sacred mountains. Adjacent to the museum, Juval Castle also has a park with small animals, a wine estate, an organic farm and an inn.

A good way to get to Juval Castle in the Schnalstal Valley is along the Tscharser Waalweg trail. The front facing wall of the Messner museum is the site of the Hoachwool via ferrata.


This magnificent castle, built by Hugo von Montalban in the year 1278, has been the summer residence of well-known mountaineer Reinhold Messner since 1983...