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ArcheoPark Schnals

The Schnalstal Valley archeoParc

Neolithic adventure in Schnalstal Valley

The interactive indoor and outdoor archeoPark Museum in Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley is located in the village of Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau.

The museum is built in the Neolithic style, with a spiral staircase leading upward, symbolizing Oetzi’s final ascent into the mountains. The area around the exhibition building houses an open-air museum that faithfully reproduces a Neolithic living environment, complete with small huts and domed clay ovens, wheat fields and wild plants.

The interactive area simulates life as it was 5,000 years ago, with installations illustrating the working of clay by hand and how bread was made, as well as ancient bows and arrows. The summit where Oetzi was found can be observed from the archeoPark in Schnalstal Valley.