Nature, culture and delicacies on the mountains above the spa town of Merano

Situated above the spa town of Merano/Meran, Tirolo/Dorf Tirol is an ideal walking and hiking holiday destination in South Tyrol. Well-marked paths along a 70-km trail network lead across various altitudes, ranging from leisurely walks through botanical gardens to hikes along the Waalwege trails on the hillside. Mountain bike trails in diverse mountain terrain alternate with high-altitude hiking across the Spronser Seen lake plateau in the Texelgruppe Nature Park.
Tirolo is also steeped in culture and history. There are several notable castles, fortresses, and churches in and around Tirolo. Tyrol Castle, the most prominent of these, houses the South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History. Deeply rooted in the area, culture and local traditions continue to play an integral role in the lives of inhabitants. Things to do in and around the village include shopping, sporting and cultural activities. There are upscale shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants as well as swimming pools and hiking trails. For a sporting or leisure holiday, making use of the well-equipped spas or indulging in the pleasures of the palate, there is a wide range of options for visitors in Tirolo.
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Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 12 days ago

Wir wünschen allen unseren Gästen einen schönen Feiertag ob in luftigen Höhen, beim Relaxen am Pool oder beim Schlemmen mit Familie und Freunden ⛰☀️💦🍻🥨🍝

Auguriamo a tutti i nostri ospiti un buon ferragosto ovunque vi trovate: in alta montagna, a rilassarvi nella piscina o mangiando ottimo cibo con famiglia ed amici ⛰☀️💦🍻🥨🍝

Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 2 months ago

Wir hatten Besuch von den Bloggern von "Landei & Co." 🐣und daraus ist diese tolle Fotoreportage vom Besuch auf Schloss Tirol 🏰🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️entstanden

Seht selbst:

Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 2 months ago

Der Meister der spanischen Gitarre 🎸🎼 Manuel Randi eröffnete gestern die Saison der Schlossfestspiele 2019.
Ein Musikerlebnis der Extra-Klasse👏

In 10 Tagen geht es los mit den Aufführungen der Schlossfestspiele.
Seien Sie dabei wenn spanisches Flair 💃🕺 in Dorf Tirol einzieht.

Hier geht's zu den Tickets:

Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 2 months ago

Save the date: 02. August 2019 – Festplatz Dorf Tirol 🎶🙌!
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Zurück in die wilden 60er Jahre 🌺☮

Save the date: 2 agosto 2019 – parco manifestazioni di Tirolo 🎶🙌!
I mitici Creedence Clearwater Revived vi fanno rivivere gli anni 60 🌺☮

dorftirol_tirolo 2 months ago

Ein einziges Museum für Wanderliebhaber - so könnte man Südtirol beschreiben.
100% Natur, 100% Panorama, 100% Erlebnis.
Berg(Er)leben in Dorf Tirol:
#dorftirol #bergerleben #mountainlover 📷 Harald Wisthaler, GIX, Florian Andergassen, Benjamin Pfitscher

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A box seat at the heart of the Texelgruppe Nature Reserve: Tirolo